30 March 2017

Food or Face 3.0

Is this title even relevant anymore?
I have been eating everything without any pantang
pantang tengok ade la

Before taking the isotretinoin (accutane), people (including those claimed to be doctors) would advise not to eat this, not to eat that, cause it would worsen my acne problem
But after going to Dr Lim's clinic, he told me that there is no relation between food and acne
he said that there are no proven study that foods would give you acne, unless you are allergic to a certain group of foods, then that's another story
acne is all about hormones, pore and oil glands

I have been consuming the meds for more than a year now
starting from end of last year, I have started to reduce my dosage
at first I tried to consume only one pil a day, and that went well (gladly)
then I tried consuming only one pil in two days, so far so good
the reason I pandai2 je reduced my own dosage was because
first, I wanted to cut down the cost and
second, I like to experiment on myself and take only the minimum amount of dosage

whenever I accidentally forgot or purposely not take the meds for more than three/four days, acne would stop by to say "hi~~" Even though the acne that pops out is usually at one spot, but because its a huge and deep acne, it takes time to dry and heal, so it will leave a scar which takes even more days to disappear *sobs*

the doc did mention that I have to take the meds for 18 months
so I probably could stop in august 2017

i really really hope i could stop soon
because I have been consuming this med for a year now
it's getting scary how I am sort of relying on this med

anyhow, I'm glad alhamdulillah that I can live comfortably in my own skin now
even if, lets say, i have to take this med forever, i have no complaints :)

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